Over 2000 deceased in Sweden

The number of deceased just passed 2000 in Sweden, and a new reports show which areas are the most severely affected.

jmk. Foto: Edith Lindvall

Sweden has now reported over 2000 deceased due to the coronavirus outbreak.

On the 23th of April, Stockholm Smittskydd also gave some information about which areas are most severely affected.

Rinkeby-Kista is showing the highest numbers, with 11.6 deceased per 10 000 residents.

Sundbyberg follows with 9.3 and Spånga-Tensta with a 9.1 deceased per 10 000 residents.

The area with the least reported deaths is Norrtälje, with as little as 1.6 deceased per 10 000 residents.

According to the Swedish television (SVT) the region of Stockholm wrote on their website:

"Rinkeby-Kista and Spånga-Tensta are areas that earlier have had a slightly higher number of infected people which is now showing in the numbers of deaths. Even though the number of deceased and the number of infected is not that much different from the rest of the areas in and around Stockholm."

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