The virus might subside in time for Summer

State epidemiologists Anders Tegnell believes that the spread of the virus might decrease substantially soon – giving us a "calm" Summer.

Corona updates in English.
Corona updates in English.

To this day, the number of deceased in Sweden according to the public health authority is 3 698. The total number of confirmed infected is 30 377.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell means that although the numbers are high, they are increasing at a much slower rate than earlier, which also means that less people are getting infected.

– If you look at the number infected during a longer period of time you can see that it's decreasing. The intensive care unit is still working overtime, but at the same time, Stockholm has begun opening up other operations in the care system, which is a good sign, says Anders Tegnell to TT.

He also mentions that since we can see early signs of a flattened curve, this might mean that the spread of the virus will subside in time for Summer.

– Immunity seems to increase fast in large parts of the population. Also, when the weather gets warmer, people will be outside more where the virus has a harder time spreading. All of this points to show that the virus will subside and that we will have a calm summer, says Anders Tegnell.

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